Working Papers

The DDI Working Paper Series (ISSN 2153-8247) is intended as a dynamic publication avenue for authors working in the DDI space. Currently, the series includes papers on new and emerging themes as well as papers on best practices and use case literature.

If you are interested in publishing a paper to be part of the DDI Working Paper Series, please contact the DDI Alliance Director.

Exploring the Relationship Between DDI, SDMX and the Generic Statistical Business Process Model

By Vale, Steven. 2010
This paper, presented at the Second Annual European DDI Users Group Meeting in Utrecht, Netherlands, in December 2010, investigates the similarities and degree of overlap among the DDI, SDMX, and GSBPM standards.

Encoding Provenance of Social Science Data: Integrating PROV with DDI

By Carl Lagoze, Jeremy Williams, Lars Vilhuber, William Block. 2013

Representing and Utilizing DDI in Relational Databases

By Amin, Alerk, Ingo Barkow, Stefan Kramer, David Schiller, and Jeremy Williams.
This paper, which resulted from a workship hosted by the Leibniz Institute for Educational Research and Educational Information (DIPF) and held in Frankfurt, Germany, on April 7-8, 2011, explores the use of relational databases to represent DDI XML.

Communicating in Time and Space: How to Overcome Incompatible Frames of Reference of Producers and Users of Archival Data

By Sundgren, Bo.
This paper, written by Professor Bo Sundgren of Stockholm University, was the basis of the Keynote Address at the European DDI Users Group Meeting (EDDI) held December 5-6, 2011, at the Swedish National Data Service (SND) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Developing a Model-Driven DDI Specification

This paper, an outcome of a 2012 Dagstuhl seminar on "DDI Moving Forward," captures the decisions and deliberations of the seminar participants on the approach to creating a new model-based standard.

A Qualitative Data Model for DDI

By Hoyle, Larry, Louise Corti, Arofan Gregory, Agustina Martinez, Joachim Wackerow, Eirik Alvar, Noemi Betancort Cabrera, Damien Gallagher, Tobias Gebel, Jani Hautamaki, Arja Kuula, Steve McEachern, and Cornelia Zuell.
This paper, informed by key qualitative data use cases, presents a model describing qualitative data.

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