DDI Alliance Leadership

Executive Board

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The Executive Board is the policymaking and oversight body of the Alliance. The purposes of the Executive Board are to:

  • Select a Host Institution to house the Executive Director and Secretariat and to assume financial and legal responsibility for the Alliance.
  • Set overall policy and budget for the Alliance.
  • Provide strategic guidance and review of the Alliance’s activities.
  • Appoint an Executive Director for the Alliance for a five-year, renewable term.
  • Oversee the management of the financial affairs of the Alliance on behalf of the Members.
  • Set Alliance membership fees and length of membership term for each institutional classification of membership subject to the ratification by formal resolution at the Annual Meeting of Members.
  • Set fees for use of Alliance registered trademarks, certification marks, and collective marks or copyright material and for Alliance-sponsored activities and products.
  • Make decisions on allocation of funds for innovative work and testing.
  • Form Working Groups to perform specific duties as defined in its Purpose.

See Executive Board membership and meeting minutes

Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is the scientific and technical body of the Alliance which represents the Scientific Community. The Scientific Board proposes the scientific work plan to the membership for approval and facilitates the scientific and technical work activities.  The purposes of the Scientific Board are to:

  • Provide direction and coordination in the development of the substantive content of the DDI standards and other work products of the Alliance by its sub-committees and working groups within the context of the Alliance Strategic Plan.
  • Implement the scientific work plan agreed at the Annual Meeting of the Scientific Community.
  • Oversee the substantive content of DDI standards and other work products.
  • Undertake research and testing concerning proposals for DDI standards and other work products.
  • Develop and promulgate best practices for use of DDI standards and work products.
  • Assess progress and barriers to progress.
  • Provide a report on progress of the scientific work plan over the previous year, and proposals for the future scientific direction and related activities to the Annual Meeting of the Scientific Community.

See Scientific Board membership and meeting minutes


A small Secretariat is maintained in order to administer day-to-day operations. The DDI Alliance is a Program of the University of Michigan (UM) as the current Host Institution and operates within the Inter‐university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) in accordance with the Alliance’s Charter and Bylaws and with the policies and regulations of the University of Michigan.

The Executive Director of the DDI Alliance is Jared Lyle, who supervises the Secretariat and coordinates Alliance activities around the world. The Executive Director serves as an ex officio member of the Executive Board and the Scientific Board, without vote.

Page Last Revised: 13 May 2022