DDI helps you describe and re-use your data

See why the world's leading data repositories, data collectors, and research organizations are members of the DDI Alliance.

Become a DDI Alliance Member

What is the DDI Alliance

The DDI Alliance is a self-sustaining membership organization supporting the creation and development of the DDI specification as an international metadata standard for documenting data. Over 40 organizations are members of the DDI Alliance.

Benefits of Membership

Membership provides a direct voice in the decision-making process of DDI products and activities. DDI Alliance members are eligible to:

  • Vote on Alliance products, including additions and modifications to specifications.
  • Be elected to Alliance leadership, including the Executive Board and the Scientific Board.
  • Have a seat at annual meetings, including the Annual Meeting of Members and the Annual Meeting of the Scientific Community.
  • Participate on working groups, which develop DDI products and advise DDI leadership.
  • Display the Alliance trademarks on promotional material and publicize participation in the Alliance.
  • Send participants to Alliance-sponsored events at reduced or no cost.
  • Request access to Member-only information.

DDI is being used in over 80 countries around the world!

The list of organizations and projects that have adopted the DDI standard continues to grow! View highlighted DDI adopters by visiting our Wall of Adopters.

More about the DDI Alliance

Find our mission statement and more at About the DDI Alliance.

Page Last Revised: 24 February 2021

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