Request Training

Welcome to the DDI Alliance Training Assistance Request Form!

This form is intended for those who are interested in receiving DDI training and/or for those who are interested in organizing a DDI training session.

This form can also be used for those who have questions regarding DDI and they are not sure where to get the answers to their questions. We would like to remind you to check out the other DDI pages to see if you can find the answer to your question(s) there.

Stay tuned for the opening of our Training Library by the end of this year. In it, there will be different slide decks that have a two-fold purpose: you can use them to learn about different topics; and/or you can use them in a presentation of your own (after giving proper attribution, of course).

This form will only take a few moments to complete. Please give as much information as possible to help us to answer your question(s) as thoroughly as possible. Your answers will help us to evaluate your request and determine what resources are needed.

DDI Training or Consultation Request Form

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