DDI Lifecycle

Translating Research in Elder Care Monitoring System (TMS) Data Platform

The TREC Measurement System (TMS) study is a longitudinal study that explores the strength of linkages between work environments, best practice use and resident outcomes using staff survey data and RAI-MDS 2.0 data. The study will take place in 90 nursing homes across British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. Recruitment of sites will ensure representation across these locations, and that facilities of different sizes and owner-operator models (public, voluntary and private) are included.

Michigan Questionnaire Documentation System (MQDS)

MQDS, developed by Survey Research Operations at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, documents Blaise instruments and produces survey documentation on the Web. MQDS can export documentation in DDI 3 format.

LISS (Longitudinal Internet studies in the Social Sciences)

This online panel survey, administered by CentERdata, a research institute located in Tilburg in the Netherlands, documents its data using DDI 3 through a backend called Questasy.

Enhanced Publications

An enhanced publication is a modern form of scientific communication that enables researchers to present their publications online in conjunction with other material. Additional materials that may be used to enhance a publication include: