Conference Publications: EDDI 2013

To 3.2 or Not to 3.2? That is the Question.

By Wendy Thomas, Jon Johnson. 2013

The Medical Research Council Gateway

By Philip Curran, Peter Dukes, Caroline Shriver, Catherine Jones, Alastair Duncan, Alex Addyman. 2013

Proposal for a DDI Data Discovery Model

By Jay Greenfield. 2013

Building a Harmonized Data Market for Longitudinal Data with MIDUS and DDI

By Barry Radler, Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith. 2013

Early Implementation of DDI Lifecycle on the Integrated Version of the Cornell National Social Survey

By Florio Arguillas, Jeremy Williams, William Block, Warren Brown. 2013

Harmonizing Between Different Agencies Using DDI Profiles

By David Schiller, Ingo Barkow, Marcel Hebing. 2013

DDI in Denmark

By Jannik Jensen, Mogens Grosen Nielsen. 2013

Open Source DDI-L Search

By Jannik Jensen. 2013

Modelling an Evolving, Geospatial SKOS Code List

By Ornulf Risnes, Ole Voldster. 2013

A New CESSDA Portal for European Research Data Discovery

By Ornulf Risnes, John Shepherdson, Pascal Heus. 2013

New Tools for Complex Surveys: the DASISH Questionnaire Design Documentation Tool and Question Variable Data Base

By Hilde Orten, Hvard Venge Bakkmoen, Yvette Prestage, Sally Widdop. 2013

GSIM and DDI: Working Together

By Therese Lalor, Guillaume Duffes. 2013

Common Statistical Production Architecture

By Therese Lalor, Arofan Gregory. 2013

Standardized Quality Declarations with DDI, SDMX, and Colectica

By Mogens Nielsen, Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith. 2013

Colectica 5: A New Generation of Open Metadata Tools

By Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith. 2013

Data Model and Data Standard - a Happy Marriage?

By Oliver Hopt, Mathiak Brigitte. 2013

Encoding Provenance of Social Science Data: Integrating PROV with DDI. 2014.

By Lagoze, Carl; Williams, Jeremy; Vilhuber, Lars; Block, William. 2013

Encoding Provenance of Social Science Data: Integrating PROV with DDI [full paper]

By Carl Lagoze, Jeremy Williams, Lars Vilhuber, William Block. 2013

RODA's Open-Source Web Platform for DDI

By Adrian Dusa, Cosmin Rentea. 2013

Using DDI within a Data Archive - the SND Case Study

By Johan Fihn, Olof Olsson. 2013

An Update on the Rogatus Platform

By Ingo Barkow, David Schiller. 2013


By Jannik Jensen. 2013

Mapping DDI-RDF Discovery - a Hackathon Story

By Olof Olsson, Jannik Vestergaard Jensen. 2013