Conference Publications: EDDI 2012

Data and Metadata Management using DDI

By Thomas, Wendy, Marcel Hebing. 2012

Nesstar: An Adaptable and Programmable DDI-based Dissemination Platform

By Bidargaddi, Archana V., Ricco Forgaard, Ornulf Risnes. 2012

An Early Prototype of the Comprehensive Extensible Data Documentation and Access Repository (CED2AR)

By Block, William C., Jeremy Williams, John Abowd, Lars Vilhuber, Carl Lagoze. 2012

Semantic categorization of DDI metadata

By Bunakov, Vasily. 2012

Issues around implementing DDI in a survey organisation

By Corbett, Joan Mary, Roger Stafford. 2012

Implementation of the DdiEditor in DDA

By Fink, Anne Sofie. 2012

70 Years of UK Birth Cohort Data into DDI Lifecycle?

By Gierl, Claude, Jon Johnson. 2012

Resource Discovery for Official Statistics

By Gregory, Arofan, Marion Wittenberg. 2012

REDCap and DDI

By Hoyle, Larry. 2012

Powering Official Statistics at Statistics New Zealand with DDI-L and Colectica: a case study

By Brown, Adam, Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith, Sally Vermaaten. 2012

Generic Statistical Information Model

By Lalor, Therese, Steven Vale. 2012

DDI-L in the Production of Official Statistics

By Nielsen, Mogens Grosen, Jannik Jensen. 2012

DDI-Lifecycle Infrastructure at DDA

By Jensen, Jannik . 2012

Colectica: Data Management with DDI 3

By Iverson, Jeremy, Dan Smith. 2012


By Jensen, Jannik . 2012


By Jensen, Jannik . 2012

Nesstar Toolkit

By Risnes, Ornulf . 2012

Invitation to EDDI13

By Silberman, Roxanne . 2012

Announcement of 1. NADDI

By Hoyle, Larry . 2012

Hands on DDI 3 with Colectica

By Iverson, Jeremy, Dan Smith. 2012

Building applications with the Nesstar API

By Bidargaddi, Archana V.. 2012

CIMES: A Tool for Describing European Official Statistics Microdata

By Fleureux, Raphaelle, Cyril Jayet, Arnaud Szulek. 2012

Towards a DDI Backend Architecture - Sharing DDI-related Software Modules

By Zloch, Matthaus , Thomas Bosch, Dennis Wegener. 2012

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