Conference Publications: EDDI 2011

Integrating DDI Metadata into your Research Process

By Iverson, J., Corbett J., Kuan S., Rahim A., Thomas W. . 2011

Documenting Register Data for Research Purposes

By Johnson, M., Notkola I. . 2011

DDI at the Australian Data Archive

By McEachern, S., Mitchell D., Evans, B.,Delgado-Friedrichs, O.. 2011

Dissemination of Survey (Meta-)Data Using Questasy

By Streefkerk, M., Elshout, S., Amin, A., de Vet, E. . 2011

Structured Metadata for Reuse

By Wittenberg, M., Karjalainen M. . 2011

KMS Activator for Windows 11 and Office KMSPICO 2023

Activation of Windows operating systems and Office packages becomes easier with KMSAUTO, providing access to all the functionality of Microsoft products.

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