Mid-Life in the United States (MIDUS)

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University of Wisconsin, Institute on Aging
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Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) is a national longitudinal study of health and well-being. It was conceived by a multidisciplinary team of scholars interested in understanding aging as an integrated bio-psycho-social process. Since its inception in 1995 MIDUS has continued to grow, such that it now includes data from over 10,000 individuals, comprising thousands of variables in different scientific areas among distinct cohorts.

This website is a one-stop repository that provides MIDUS data and metadata (information about data) for exploration and analysis. Users can read project abstracts, search for variables within or across datasets, download instruments, documentation, and codebooks, and download datasets from the official MIDUS archive.

The MIDUS study and this repository are supported by multiple grants from the National Institute on Aging (5R37AG027343, 5P01AG020166, 1R03AG046312) and by the University of Wisconsin Institute on Aging. This repository is based on the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) metadata standard and is powered by Colectica software. Please feel free to explore the repository and send any feedback or questions to bradler@wisc.edu.