GESIS Questionnaire Editor (QEditor)


The QEditor enables anybody to primarily create questionnaires, which are stored nativly in DDI LC 3.2. Upon creation of a questionnaire, these can be translated and finally exported to DDI LC, Word/PDF reports, LimeSurvey files or empty SPSS files. QEditor is a collaborative tool, so that PIs can joinedly work on questionnaires. See also: Klas, Claus-Peter, Hopt, Oliver, Krämer, Thomas, & Nugraha, Sigit. (2021, November 30). From Documentation to Search for Questions for Small Service Provider in DDI. 13th Annual European DDI User Conference (EDDI2021), virtual (Paris). Zenodo.

Tool Purpose: 
Questionnaire editor
Beta release
Name(s) of institution(s): 
GESIS - Leibniz institute for the social sciences
Name(s) of individual author(s)/programmer(s): 
Claus-Peter Klas
Sigit Nugraha
Oliver Hopt
Alexander Mühlbauer
Thomas Krämer
Operating system requirements
If other, please describe:: 
Any, because dockerized

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