The DDI Search enables search and browse for questions, variables and study documentation in multiple languages. It is based on an open source technology stack that integrates search, comparison and re-use of survey questions for social scientists. DDI Search demonstrates how institutions can set up a fully automated workflow to aggregate metadata, build a search index, offer a rich search user interface on the resulting question banks. From a social scientists point of view, it demonstrate how to find questions in one's area of interest, compare candidates including answer options and language variants, transfer selected questions into the GESIS Questionnaire Editor and proceed
to conducting the survey in an online survey tool.

Tool Purpose: 
Beta release
Name(s) of institution(s): 
GESIS - Leibniz institute for the social sciences
Name(s) of individual author(s)/programmer(s): 
Thomas Krämer
Claus-Peter Klas
Oliver Hopt
Alexander Mühlbauer
Operating system requirements
If other, please describe:: 
None, because dockerized
Supported Operating Systems: 

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