Semantic Web Working Papers

These papers on DDI and the Semantic Web are the outcomes of a workshop held at Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz Center for Informatics in Wadern, Germany, September 11-16, 2011. Workshop participants from several countries came together to write the papers, which focus on various aspects of using DDI in the context of the Semantic Web.

Using RDF to Describe and Link Social Science Data to Related Resources on the Web: Leveraging the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Model

This paper looks at leveraging DDI to enable semantic linking of social science data to other data and related resources on the Web and is organized into five use cases: (1) Linking related publications; (2) Linking people and organizations; (3) Linking geography; (4) Linking related studies; (5) Linking to licenses.

KMS Activator for Windows 11 and Office KMSPICO 2023

Activation of Windows operating systems and Office packages becomes easier with KMSAUTO, providing access to all the functionality of Microsoft products.