Best Practices Across the Data Life Cycle

Best practices in workflow operate within the wider context of the social science community's activities in information and knowledge. [more...] 

This best practice covers the process of developing agreements and guidelines for implementation and governance of DDI as a metadata scheme for a community.
This best practice escribes the best practices for metadata producers to provide end users with the resources for data discovery and dissemination.
This Best Practice discusses workflows for DDI usage in the context of archival ingest and metadata enhancement, beginning at the point of the handoff between the data provider and the archive.
This best practice discusses the capturing, in DDI metadata, of the processes of data aggregation, recoding and data processing.
The benefits of using controlled vocabularies, which offer consistency, precision, and interoperability, within DDI metadata creation are the primary underlying principles behind this best practice document.
This document outlines recommended best practices for creating a local DDI 3.0 Profile, which is a subset of DDI 3.0 fields to be used by an organization or shared by a community of users.
This best practice covers DDI publishing structures that promote reuse of common material by removing certain metadata content from the context of a specific study and publishing it for wider use.
This best practice is designed to provide some guidelines to metadata creators and publishers about how to version metadata and publish it for others to use to comply with requirements for machine-actionability.
This document defines registries and provides a justification for using them.
This best practice specifies the technical requirements and procedures for ensuring well-managed identifiers for both internal use and external references.
This document is a recommendation about appropriate architecture for the effective resolution of DDI URNs.
This best practices document looks at a possible architectural model to enable effective design of components that can be combined to create DDI applications. 

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