Mapping to Dublin Core (DDI Version 2)

Dublin Core describes a core set of 15 elements "intended to facilitate discovery of electronic resources." The DDI is intended to comply with the Dublin Core. For more information on the Dublin Core, see the following URL:

A Note on Mapping to Dublin Core

Most elements within the Dublin Core element set map directly to elements in the DDI Version 2 Codebook DTD. The following mapping is recommended for anyone attempting to map Dublin Core element searches to electronic codebooks produced using this DTD.

DC Element DDI Element Notes
Title <titl> Title of Data Collection
Creator <AuthEnty> Authoring Entity of Data Collection
Subject <keyword> Keyword(s)
  <topcClas> Topic Classification
Description <abstract> 2.2.2 Abstract
Publisher <producer> Producer of Data Collection
Contributor <othId> Other Identification/Acknowledgements - Data Collection
Date <prodDate> Production Date - Data Collection
Type <dataKind> Kind of Data
Format <fileType> 3.1.5 Type of File
Identifier <IDNo> ID Number - Data Collection
  <holdings location="" callno="" URI=""> 2.1.8 Holdings Information - Data Collection
Source <sources> Sources - Used for Data Collection
Relation <othrStdyMat> 2.5 Other Study Description Materials
Coverage <timePrd> Time Period Covered
  <collDate> Date(s) of Data Collection
  <nation> Country
  <geogCover> Geographic Coverage
Rights <copyright> Copyright - Data Collection


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