Putting DDI 3.0 to Work for You!

TitlePutting DDI 3.0 to Work for You!
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsIonescu S, Vardigan M, Gregory A, Thomas W

Moving beyond the traditional “archival” orientation of data documentation, DDI Version 3.0 is designed to reach a wider audience, supporting the work of data producers, curators, and users. This year’s DDI 3.0 workshops will focus on use cases built around specific tasks commonly taking place in small academic data centers and large data collection or dissemination organizations.

Part I will explore how DDI 3.0 might be used in an academic environment.

Use cases will focus on:

  • Assisting or supporting independent researchers to document small-scale projects in DDI, by capturing the pre-production and production stages as they occur in a study life cycle, and/or reusing and restructuring already existing information.
  • Organizing and standardizing documentation about the data centers’ collections - including mapping and converting catalog records and variable-level descriptions to DDI 3.0, for enhanced data discovery and dissemination.

Participants will gain hands-on experience in evaluating and selecting material to be marked-up in DDI 3.0 and will learn to use some simple conversion tools. The resulting DDI output will be reviewed and presented in an attractive Web display using stylesheets. Both Part I and Part II DDI workshops will provide basic structural information on DDI 3.0 as well as specific details related to the particular use cases. Related production tools will be presented in the context of the use case they support.

Workshop Abstract: http://web.archive.org/web/20101128053658/http://stanford.edu/group/ADS/...