Conference Publications: NADDI 2013

Welcome to NADDI2013

By Hoyle, Larry. 2013

Administrative Data in the IAB Metadata Management System

By Schiller, David; Barkow, Ingo. 2013

Applying DDI to a Longitudinal Study of Aging

By Radler, Barry; Iverson, Jeremy; Smith, Dan. 2013

DataForge: A DDI-Enabled Toolkit for Researchers and Data Managers

By Gregory, Arofan; Heus, Pascal; Gager, J. 2013

DDI - A Metadata Standard for the Community

By Vardigan, Mary; Wackerow, Joachim. 2013

DDI and Relational Databases

By Amin, Alerk; Barkow, Ingo. 2013

DDI Extensions for Qualitative Data

By Gregory, Arofan; Hoyle, Larry. 2013

DDI-Lifecycle and Colectica at the UCLA Social Science Data Archive

By Iverson, Jeremy; Stephenson, Elizabeth. 2013

Michigan Questionnaire Documentation System (MQDS)

By Barkow, Ingo; Block, William; Greenfield, Jay; Hebing, Marcel; Hoyle, Larry; Thomas, Wendy. 2013

PANEL: DDI and Metadata from the Researcher's Perspective

By Thomas, Wendy; Brown, J. Christopher; Nakao, Ron. 2013

The Paradata Information Model

By Greenfield, Jay; Carpenter, Danielle. 2013

REDCap and DDI Exporting Data and Metadata with the API

By Hoyle, Larry; Van Roekel, Ada. 2013

Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM)

By Lalor, Therese; Vale, Steven; Gregory, Arofan. 2013