Conference Presentations: NADDI

Research Data Services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

By Marshall, Brianna, Trisha Adamus, & Elliott Shuppy. 2015

A Next Generation, Reusable, Web-based Data Catalog

By Iverson, Jeremy, Barry Radler. 2015

Supporting Extended Citations in DDI4

By Hoyle, Larry, Mary Vardigan. 2015

Connecting the Dots with DDI

By Edwards, Michelle. 2015

Crowdsourcing DDI Development: New Features from the CED2AR Project

By Perry, Benjamin, Venkata Kambhampaty, Kyle Brumsted, Lars Vilhuber, William C. Block. 2015

Open Data and Metadata Management

By Carlo, Andrew De, Arofan Gregory. 2015

Data Discoverability in Public Health

By Gregory, Arofan, Tito Castillo, Samuel Moore, Brian Hole, Christiana McMahon, Spiros Denaxas, Veerle Van Den Eyden, Herve' L'Hours, Lucy Bell, Jack Kneeshaw, Matthew Woollard, Chifundo Kanjala, Gareth Knight, & Basia Zaba. 2015

Overviewing the Translating Research in Elder Care Monitoring System (TMS) Data Platform

By Doiron, James M., Andrew DeCarlo,Shane McChesney. 2015

Discovering Standards

By Salo, Dorothea. 2015

DataForge: A DDI-Enabled Toolkit for Researchers and Data Managers

By Gregory, Arofan; Heus, Pascal; Gager, J. 2013

DDI - A Metadata Standard for the Community

By Vardigan, Mary; Wackerow, Joachim. 2013

DDI and Relational Databases

By Amin, Alerk; Barkow, Ingo. 2013

DDI Extensions for Qualitative Data

By Gregory, Arofan; Hoyle, Larry. 2013

DDI-Lifecycle and Colectica at the UCLA Social Science Data Archive

By Iverson, Jeremy; Stephenson, Elizabeth. 2013

Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM)

By Lalor, Therese; Vale, Steven; Gregory, Arofan. 2013

Michigan Questionnaire Documentation System (MQDS)

By Barkow, Ingo; Block, William; Greenfield, Jay; Hebing, Marcel; Hoyle, Larry; Thomas, Wendy. 2013

Welcome to NADDI2013

By Hoyle, Larry. 2013

Administrative Data in the IAB Metadata Management System

By Schiller, David; Barkow, Ingo. 2013

PANEL: DDI and Metadata from the Researcher's Perspective

By Thomas, Wendy; Brown, J. Christopher; Nakao, Ron. 2013

Applying DDI to a Longitudinal Study of Aging

By Radler, Barry; Iverson, Jeremy; Smith, Dan. 2013

The Paradata Information Model

By Greenfield, Jay; Carpenter, Danielle. 2013

REDCap and DDI Exporting Data and Metadata with the API

By Hoyle, Larry; Van Roekel, Ada. 2013