Conference Publications: IASSIST 2014

A metadata portal for complex research data in Germany: An application of DDI

By Schiller, David, Dana Mueller, Ingo Barkow. 2014

New infrastructure for harmonized longitudinal data with MIDUS and DDI

By Iverson, Jeremy, Barry Radler, Dan Smith. 2014

Integrating PROV with DDI: Mechanisms of data discovery within the US Census Bureau

By Block, Bill, Warren Brown, Jeremy Williams, Lars Vihuber, Carl Lagoze. 2014

Next-Generation DDI: Building Model-Based DDI 4

By Gregory, Arofan, Wendy Thomas, Joachim Wacherow, Mary Vardigan. 2014

Introduction to the DDI developers community

By Fihn, Johan, Marcel Hebing. 2014

Updates on the XSLT stylesheets for DDI

By Fihn, Johan, Olof Olsson, Jannik Jensen, Akira Olsbanning. 2014

Colectica 5: Now with DDI 3.2

By Iverson, Jeremy, Dan Smith. 2014

DDI-RDF tools takes your DDI-XML to the DISCO

By Olsson, Olof, Jannik Jensen. 2014

DDI3 metrics

By Gierl, Claude, Jon Johnson. 2014

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