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If you have presented or published about DDI, or you know about other DDI-related presentations or publications, please let us know!  We want to make sure DDI-related content is accessible in the future by: 1) archiving it in a long-lived repository, and then 2) cataloging the citation on the DDI Alliance web site.   Below are instructions on how to do both.


We encourage archiving your work with a long-lived repository (i.e., a repository that preserves and makes content discoverable into the future).  We recommend using Zenodo, a general-purpose open access repository created by OpenAIRE and CERN.  Please use this link to upload your files directly to the Zenodo community of the “DDI Alliance”: You may also archive your work at your own preferred repository.

The DDI Alliance can archive your work for if you apply a Creative Commons CC-BY (or similar) license to your work.  It’s as simple as pasting the following image into your work:

Doing so allows the DDI Alliance permission to post the presentation in a repository. After applying a license to your work, simply email it to to


If you’ve e-mailed us your work to deposit on your behalf, there’s nothing further you need to do.

If you’ve already deposited your work in a long-lived repository, please email the citation to  We can then add it to the Publications catalog.

Working Paper Series

The DDI Working Paper Series (ISSN 2153-8247) is intended as a dynamic publication avenue for authors working in the DDI space. Currently, the series includes papers on new and emerging themes as well as papers on best practices and use case literature. If you are interested in publishing a paper to be part of the DDI Working Paper Series, please contact the DDI Alliance Secretariat.

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