Markup Examples

The flexibility of DDI allows for many different applications and uses. See below for a selection of markup examples demonstrating a variety of implementations.

DDI Codebook

Name DDI Product Description
ICPSR 4245 Codebook for American National Elections Study DDI Codebook 2.5

Study level information originally created in NESSTAR using version 1.2.2 and updated to version 2.5

Multilanguage codebook DDI Codebook 2.5

Study level documentation in French and English: 

Cohorte blessures scolaires en fonction du genre / School-Related Injuries as a Function of Gender

NHGIS 1990STF1 codebook DDI Codebook 2.5

This codebook of the US 1990 Census of Population and Housing Summary Tape File 1 includes source information and uses the structures for nCubes and locMap description of the data store. The codebook was produced for the IPUMS National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)

DDI Codebook

Name DDI Product Description
DASHISH example of questions and related content as fragments DDI Lifecycle 3.2 Markup examples produced by the DASHISH (Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities) project The example use the new Fragment Instance expressed in three files: • Question Item A (file b1) • Question Item B (file b9) • Control Construct (file d39)
ICPSR 279 Variable descriptions DDI Lifecycle 3.2 Variable descriptions for ICPSR study 2079 – “CBS News/New York Times Monthly Poll #1, September 1995” – converted to 3.2 from DDI 2.1 with Colectica Designer, a tool for DDI metadata and survey design. The file uses the new FragmentInstance structure.
Data Capture Development DDI Lifecycle 3.3

This example shows the use of the Data Capture Development objects including the documentation of development activities such as translation and review activities. In addition to tracking these specific activities the example illustrates the means of linking a question or measure to the development activities which resulted in the final form of the question/measure used.