High-Level Architectural Model for DDI Applications

TitleHigh-Level Architectural Model for DDI Applications
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDinkelmann K, Heus P, Humphrey C, Iverson J, Jensen J, Revheim S, Wackerow J
Series TitleDDI Working Paper Series (Best Practices)
Series Volume12
PublisherDDI Alliance

This best practices document looks at a possible way to design components that can be combined to create DDI applications. Given that object-oriented design is the most common programming paradigm, and that systems are often based around service-oriented principles, and given the modular design of DDI 3.0 itself, this document provides an architectural model that can be a reference point for implementers. The document also takes into consideration issues of maintenance and management of DDI applications, and discusses best practices for application documentation and configuration. The focus is on interoperability of DDI applications.