DDI Working Together with Other Standards

TitleDDI Working Together with Other Standards
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsDanciu A, Dzikowski C, Gregory A

The first webinar in the 2022 CODATA-DDI Alliance webinar series took place on 28 March 2022, examining how DDI products work together with other standards.  Standards promote interoperability, transparency across agencies, and reduce development time.  Systems used for the collection, management, production, and dissemination of data regularly employ several different standards for modelling and transmitting their data and metadata. DDI is often a core part of this suite, but it is rarely the only one.

The way in which DDI aligns and interacts with other standards has evolved over time: from a static, archival ‘XML codebook’, it has become a metadata resource for helping to drive systems and provide the basis for reuse and data harmonisation. Looking forward, DDI promises to support FAIR data in significant ways, as part of an integrated suite of standards.

This discussion looked at the different DDI metadata standards and how they relate to both each other and to other models and standards in common use in applications today, including schema.org, DCAT, and Dublin Core.

Speakers included Alina Danciu (Sciences Po), Christophe Dzikowski (INSEE) and Arofan Gregory (CODATA). Questions and answers were moderated by Adrian Dusa (University of Bucharest).


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