DDI 501: Increasing Proficiency and Efficiency with DDI

TitleDDI 501: Increasing Proficiency and Efficiency with DDI
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsIonescu S, Kuo I-L

In this follow-up workshop, participants will learn about transformations from document sources such as PDF, Word, Excel, SAS/SPSS syntax files, and SAS/SPSS export and system files and will have an opportunity to perform document conversions themselves. Issues of display through different stylesheets, markup tools, and repurposing of text will also be addressed, with useful examples. Workshop participants are encouraged to bring their questions about markup and to share the challenges they face with respect to markup in their own environments.

Individuals with a working knowledge of DDI should feel free to elect DDI 501 without taking the introductory workshop.

Abstract: https://iassistdata.org/conferences/archive/2004-madison/