Working Groups

Working Groups play a vital role in the development of DDI and its semantic products. They also advise the Executive Board or the Scientific Board on relevant topics and activities related to the operation, development and future of the Alliance. Anyone affiliated with a member organization with relevant knowledge and expertise on the given subject may apply to join a working group. Each group must have a designated leader for managing the work and reporting to its authorizing body.

If you would like to propose a new working group, please send an email to the DDI Alliance Executive Director. The DDI Alliance makes modest funding available for Working Group members to attend key meetings focused on development of the specification. The Funding Guidelines and Request Form can be found here.

All working groups' documentation, including past and inactive groups, is maintained on the DDI Collaboration Wiki

To JOIN a working group, send an email to the chair of that group via the links below.

Controlled Vocabularies Group

Controlled Vocabularies Working Group

Link to Controlled Vocabularies Wiki Page

This group develops controlled vocabularies on already identified DDI elements and determines which other DDI elements require controlled vocabularies and develops those.

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Marketing and Partnerships Group

Marketing and Partnerships Working Group

Link to Marketing and Partnerships Wiki Page

This group works towards the following goals:

  • Increase DDI Alliance membership
  • Increase use and adoption of DDI and get new DDI users
  • Encourage new people to become involved in DDI stewardship (expand the community)
  • Work with other research standards bodies to integrate and exchange information between DDI and other standards
  • Initiate and coordinate marketing activities to promote DDI to a broad set of existing and potential audiences
  • Establish and maintain a DDI brand, basic description of DDI, and a core marketing message
  • Ensure consistency in promotional and educational messaging by coordinating with other DDI working groups
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Publications Group

Publications Working Group

Link to Publications Wiki Page  

The publications working group contributes content and works to support and promote the various publications produced under the auspices of the DDI Alliance including, but not limited to:

  • DDI Newsletter
  • DDI Working Papers Series
  • DDI-related peer-reviewed published papers
  • DDI-related conference proceedings (EDDI, NADDI, ESRA, and others) 
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Training Group

Training Working Group

Link to the Training Wiki Page

The mission of the Training Group is to:

  • Introduce people to DDI and improve people's competence in working with DDI
  • Gear training to specific audiences
  • Develop expertise within the community for training purposes
  • Maintain a training library with updated training material for reuse
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Web Group

Website Working Group

Link to the Website Wiki Page

This group maintains the DDI Alliance website, which is built using the Drupal content management system, and adds new content as appropriate. 

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DDI Developers Community

This is an informal google group for developers of software implementations based on DDI. The group gets together periodically to discuss their implementations of the DDI specification. 

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Minutes of Developers Group meetings

Group Report, 2010-2011
Group Report, 2011-2012
Group Report, 2012-2013