Welcome New Member: Wisconsin Longitudinal Study

The DDI Alliance welcomes the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (Dr. Barry Radler, member representative) as an Associate Member!

The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS) "is a long-term study of a random sample of 10,317 men and women who graduated from Wisconsin high schools in 1957 and of their randomly selected brothers and sisters....WLS can provide early indications of trends and problems that will become important as this larger group passes through its 60s. This is in addition to the value of the WLS in obtaining basic information about the life course as such, independent of the cohort’s vanguard position with respect to the baby boom. Also, the WLS is the first of the large longitudinal studies of American adolescents, and thus it provides the first large-scale opportunity to study the life course from late adolescence through the early/mid-60s, in the context of a complete record of ability, aspiration, and achievement." (WLS Overview)

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