Updated Hosting of DDI Mailing Lists

The DDI Alliance hosts several mailing lists using Mailman software, including the ddi-users mailing list we use to communicate with the entire DDI community.  

We are now planning to transfer mailing list hosting from Mailman to Google Groups.  We expect this transfer to improve stability and usability.  The transfer is scheduled for the week of 1 February 2022.

After the transfer, users should not notice a large difference in messages sent on the lists.  Existing mailing list subscribers will remain as list subscribers and will continue to be able to send and receive messages.  The primary difference will be that starting February, messages sent to DDI mailing lists will be stored in a Google Group rather than on a Mailman archive.  Mailman archives will be retained in their current format for the time being.

For mailing lists with no activity since 2019, we will shut down the list but retain the Mailman archives.  Any users on those retired lists not already subscribed to ddi-users will be subscribed.  

Please feel free to contact the Secretariat with any questions.  We will be emailing each list as we progress through the transfer to Google Groups.

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