Structured Data Transformation Language (SDTL) Webinar: 2 November

The Structured Data Transformation Language (SDTL) Working Group of the DDI Alliance will host a Webinar on 2 November at 10am Eastern Time to explain the value of SDTL to the DDI community.  SDTL is a new tool for creating machine actionable data provenance.  The webinar will describe SDTL and explain how it works with DDI.

SDTL is an independent language for representing data transformation commands in statistical analysis packages, such as SPSS, Stata, SAS, R, and Python.  Commands like RECODE, MERGE FILES, and VARIABLE LABELS are rendered in a structured format (JSON, XML, RDF) that is easy for machines to read and process.  Command scripts translated into SDTL produce variable-level data transformation histories, which can be translated into natural language.  SDTL can be added to Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) and other metadata standards for use in data catalogs, codebooks, and other documentation.  

To join the Webinar:

Meeting ID: 820 4137 8650
Find your local number:

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