Seeking Nominations for DDI Executive Board and Scientific Board Elections

Dear DDI community,

I am pleased to announce the upcoming 2023 DDI Executive Board and Scientific Board elections, scheduled to be held in June.  This is an opportunity for dedicated individuals to contribute to the growth and development of the DDI Alliance.  Newly-elected members will serve four-year terms.  

The Executive Board has two seats eligible for election, while the Scientific Board has three seats eligible.  If you are interested in standing as a candidate for either board or would like to recommend a potential candidate, please email  Applications are due by Friday, June 16, 2023.

Allow me to provide a brief overview of each board's role within the Alliance:
  • The Executive Board: As the policymaking and oversight body of the Alliance, the Executive Board plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction and making decisions on allocation of funds.  Elected members must be representatives from Members of the Alliance.
  • The Scientific Board: Serving as the scientific and technical body, the Scientific Board represents the Scientific Community and facilitates the formulation and execution of the scientific work plan.  Elected members can be representatives from both Members and Associate Members of the Alliance. 
Both boards hold monthly meetings, typically lasting 1-1.5 hours. Currently, these meetings are held virtually, with an annual in-person gathering for the Scientific Board.

We kindly ask you to share this announcement with eligible individuals who would make suitable candidates for the Executive Board or Scientific Board positions.  We value diverse perspectives and welcome new voices to contribute to our shared mission.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.



Jared Lyle
Executive Director, DDI Alliance

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