Review of RDF Vocabularies Under Way

Announcement of the public technical review on draft versions of the RDF vocabularies

DDI-RDF Discovery (Disco), Physical Data Description (PHDD), and Extended Knowledge Organization System (XKOS)

DDI-RDF Discovery (Disco)

Disco is designed to support the discovery of microdata sets and related metadata using RDF technologies in the Web of Linked Data.

Physical Data Description (PHDD)

PHDD describes existing data in rectangular format and CSV format (character-separated values).

Extended Knowledge Organization System (XKOS)

XKOS leverages the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) for managing statistical classifications and concept management systems, since SKOS is widely used.

These vocabularies can be used in the context of Linked Data and statistical classifications. We are interested in comments and any type of critique regarding the vocabularies and their possible interplay with other vocabularies. We would like to achieve robust versions of the vocabularies on the basis of this technical review and then publish them as specifications of the DDI Alliance.

Review until: July 6, 2014

Response email address:

Organization: DDI Alliance (Data Documentation Initiative),

For more information see the RDF vocabularies review page.