Feedback Requested: Scientific Board restructuring proposal

A temporary working group has been meeting since February to discuss how to improve the structure and organization of the Scientific Board, which is the scientific and technical body of the Alliance.  This past week, that group finalized their recommendations to propose a restructuring and to draft changes to the Alliance Bylaws.  Those recommendations are here:

The recommendations include:

  • ScientificBoard restructuring.docx.  This short note is intended to explain the thinking behind a new plan to organize, operate, and engage with the Scientific Board of the DDI Alliance.
  • Bylaws-2020-Final_Draft-20200619.docx.  This contains the proposed changes to the DDI Alliance Bylaws to accommodate the reorganized Scientific Board.
  • ScientificBoardOperationalGuidelines-draft.docx.  This specifies the operational guidelines of the reorganized Scientific Board.

As a next step, we ask that you review the recommendations and send any comments to Ingo Barkow <>, chair of the temporary working group, by 17 July.  

Ingo and the temporary working group will finalize their recommendations and then send them to the Executive Board, which under the Bylaws can propose amendments.  "Amendments must be adopted by a two‐thirds majority vote of the Designated Member Representatives after written electronic notice of the vote of at least sixty days" (DDI Alliance Bylaws, (Section XVII).