DDI Training Materials -- Now Available in French

To meet the training needs of the French-speaking community, the DDI Training Working Group has translated several training materials that are now available on the DDI Alliance website.

Translating DDI documentation training materials

The Centre for Sociopolitical Data (CDSP) has been participating for several years in the coordination of the DDI Training Working Group, whose mission is to promote the DDI data documentation standard and provide training in its use. 

Initiated by the two co-chairs of the TWG (Alina Danciu and Hayley Mills), the coordination of this project was ensured by Lucie Marie (CDSP) in collaboration with other engineers from the CDSP and with the engineers from IR* Progedo.

The translations, validated by the DDI Alliance Scientific Advisory Board, are now available on the DDI Alliance website and archived on Zenodo .

Resources available

  • DDI Training Group (2023) “Les bases de DDI: Qu'est-ce que les métadonnées?” ". Zenodo, September 14. doi:10.5281/zenodo.8344046.
  • DDI Training Group (2023) ”Principes fondamentaux : Qu'est-ce que DDI?". Zenodo, September 14. doi:10.5281/zenodo.8344330.
  • DDI Training Group (2023) “DDI Codebook, DDI Lifecycle, et DDI Cross Domain Integration : cas d'usage et objectifs”. Zenodo, September 14. doi:10.5281/zenodo.8344316.

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