DDI Scientific Board Election Results

The DDI Scientific Board election closed yesterday.  The election was decided on the basis of those candidates receiving the most votes.  We had 13 very qualified candidates, who were described in an earlier announcement: https://ddialliance.org/announcement/ddi-scientific-board-candidates-election.  Twenty-four member organizations voted in this election.
The top seven candidates who received the most votes have been elected to the Scientific Board.  The candidates (and vote counts):
  • Ingo Barkow (19)
  • Carsten Thiel (18)
  • Darren Bell (17)
  • Flavio Rizzolo (16)
  • Simon Hodson (15)
  • Hilde Orten (15)
  • Joachim Wackerow (15)
  • Trisha Kunst Martinez (11)
  • Larry Hoyle (9)
  • Knut Wenzig (9)
  • Christophe Dzikowski (7)
  • Dan Gillman (6)
  • Nicolas Sauger (6)
Our sincere thanks to all thirteen candidates for their willingness to serve.  We look forward to the elected Scientific Board members' terms starting in January 2021!

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