DDI Bylaws amendments approved

In September and October, DDI members voted on proposed amendments to the DDI Bylaws about a restructuring of the DDI Scientific Board, which is the scientific and technical body of the Alliance.  Twenty-one of the 28 eligible voting designated member representatives voted "Yes", one voted "I formally decline to vote", and six did not respond.  The vote passed with a two-thirds majority, which means the Bylaws amendments are adopted.  
These changes were proposed by a temporary working group composed of DDI member representatives, discussed at the 2020 annual Meeting of Members, and subsequently distributed to the entire membership for comments and further edits.  We especially thank the temporary working group, chaired by Ingo Barkow, that drafted and proposed the Bylaws amendments. 
To view the updated Bylaws, please visit: https://ddialliance.org/alliance/bylaws