DDI Alliance Strategic Plan, 2021-2023

The DDI Alliance is pleased to announce its finalized Strategic Plan, 2021-2023.  We thank the community for their input and feedback on this new plan, including at the annual Meeting of Members and the annual Meeting of the Scientific Community. 

The plan identifies three overarching priorities:

  1. The DDI User Community: how do we engage with the DDI community and understand the community’s needs?
  2. The DDI Alliance as an Organisation: what structures and systems does the Alliance need in order to meet those needs, and how will it maintain those structures and systems in the long term?
  3. Standards and Work Products: what standards and products does the Alliance provide and maintain, and how do those meet the needs of the Alliance and the broader community? 

We look forward to working with the community to carry out the strategic actions described in this new plan.

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