DDI Alliance ID Registry Updates

Since 2011, the DDI Alliance has maintained the DDI Registry, a free service for DDI users to obtain permanent agency identifiers. The registry is connected with the global DNS system, allowing DDI URNs to be resolved using standard tools. Permanent identifiers in DDI instances specify the authoritative source of the data and metadata.

We are excited to announce new updates recently made to the DDI Registry, including:

  • New support for DDI users in providing information for DDI URN resolution. You may now post your DDI objects at a web addressable location, organized according to specific identifier parts making your DDI content available to others without hosting a resolution service on your local system.
  • If you have your own DNS SRV service records, you may specify the host and port for specific services such as a website, API endpoint, custom server, etc.
  • If you do not have a local resolution service, you may install and set up your own agency or sub-agency registry and local resolution service. The registry provides links to the open source software and instructions.

For more information, please visit the DDI Agency ID Registry product page on the DDI web site or watch Dan Smith’s presentation from the 2021 European DDI User Conference (EDDI), "DDI Agency Registry Upgrades."

Registry updates were completed by Colectica (Dan Smith and Jeremy Iverson) and funded by the DDI Alliance.