Community Input Requested: DDI-Codebook Enhancements

The DDI Technical Committee has had a number of requests for enhancements to DDI-Codebook, but is aware that there is probably far more content that could usefully be incorporated into a new version, especially for those with existing systems that have new demands, eg DataVerse & NADA.  In addition, DDI is in the process of describing both the overall coverage of DDI and the applications and coverage of individual products. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!
The Technical Committee is looking for people interested in contributing to the short term goals of the next version of DDI-Codebook and/or the long-term development rules for DDI-Codebook so that it can remain relevant for the needs of our current and future users.
The Technical Committee has prepared a fuller description of what they are looking at both short and long-term
They would like users of DDI-Codebook to review the current set of issues (viewed from the link to DDI-Codebook version 2.6 from this page), then:
  • file any new issues (there is a link from the description page)
  • volunteer to spend a bit of time in the next few months to provide feedback on a new version of Codebook
If you are interested in spending some time over the next year exploring the future of DDI Codebook in terms of its structure, development rules, and requirements, please respond to Wendy Thomas, Chair of the Technical Committee (
Thanks for your input,
Wendy Thomas, for the DDI-Alliance Technical Committee

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