Call for Participation: New RDF Equivalence Working Group

Dear DDI community,

We are happy to announce the creation of the RDF equivalence working group. An implementation languages workshop was held in Paris in December of 2022. One of the recommendations that came out of that meeting was to create a list of metadata item types used across various DDI products. The common equivalent classes from the various RDF representations of DDI products including SDTL, XKOS, the next DDI Lifecycle version, and the upcoming DDI CDI could also be mapped to this list. Mappings to vocabularies created outside the DDI Alliance, such as, may also be looked into.

The initial work of this new group is to create a mapping of the most used common classes across the DDI products, defined using the owl equivalentClass.The current plan is to record these mappings using the Simple Standard for Sharing Ontological Mappings (SSSOM) [1]. SSSOM will provide a standard framework for recording the equivalences and provides tooling to generate the OWL reified axioms. The working group may expand to include OWL equivalentProperty mappings if it is found to be useful.

The group is seeking volunteers interested in RDF or that have DDI content expertise. If you are interested in joining this new working group, please let us know. We plan to schedule a kickoff meeting based on everyone’s availability.

Dan, Christophe, Flavio, and Wendy


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