A hands-on, practical introduction to DDI using Colectica

TitleA hands-on, practical introduction to DDI using Colectica
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsIverson J, Smith D

This workshop offers a hands-on, practical approach to getting started with data documentation standards like DDI. It starts with a high-level overview of statistical metadata the DDI content model, and then teaches how to create metadata in the DDI format. Participants will also learn how to publish rich metadata in multiple formats. Attendees may bring their laptops and data to participate in the hands-on exercises. Introduction to Metadata This session provides an introduction to using structured metadata and discusses the benefits of using standardized metadata. • Non-technical session • General introduction to the usefulness of standardized metadata • Non-technical introduction to DDI • Opportunities created by using standardized metadata • Case studies of organizations using Colectica and DDI-Lifecycle ◦Statistics New Zealand  ◦Statistics Denmark ◦Midlife in the United States longitudinal study The DDI Information Model This session provides a detailed look at the content described by DDI, and explores how your agency’s information relates to the DDI terminology. • Series and Studies • Quality Statements • Data Collection, Survey Instruments, and Questions • Data Files, Data Record Layouts, and Summary Statistics • Code Lists and Categories • Concepts, Universes (populations), and Organizations Hands on with Colectica and DDI These sessions focus on creating and documenting surveys and data using the Colectica software, and understanding how ically by the tools. Bring laptops to follow along and to document your own existing content. • Technical training in Colectica • Document datasets • Create surveys • Publish survey specifications, and generate source code for CAI and CATI systems • Link survey descriptions with datasets • Create rich data dictionaries


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