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DDI Training Offered in Bethesda, MD

The Next Frontier in Documenting Survey Data: What Data Producers and Archivists Need to Know about DDI, XML and SDMX December 2, 2008 9:30am - 3:30pm EDT, 4350 East West Highway Suite 800 Bethesda, MD 20814

This free, one-day workshop, sponsored by NORC at the University of Chicago in collaboration with the Open Data Foundation, is intended for a non-technical audience and is targeted at data producers and archivists. The objectives of the workshop are twofold:

  • To provide an introduction to the basics of some emerging data documentation standards, such as the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI), eXtensible Markup Language (XML), and Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange Standard (SDMX)
  • To encourage adoption of these emerging data documentation standards

Please RSVP to Timothy M. Mulcahy by November 17, 2008, or call 301-634-9352.

DDI Training Offered

DDI 3.0 training, sponsored by German Social Science Infrastructure Services, Centre for Survey Research and Methodology (GESIS-ZUMA), will again be offered at Schloss Dagstuhl, Leibniz Center for Informatics, November 3-7, 2008. This workshop is geared toward the staff of archives and data producing agencies. The multi-day structure of the workshop provides participants with an opportunity for in-depth assistance on the specialized features of DDI that are important to their organizations' activities.

Alliance Welcomes New Member

The DDI Alliance is pleased to announce that the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard University has joined the Alliance. Ann Starkey will serve as the representative to the Expert Committee.

DDI 3.0 Officially Approved

The DDI Alliance has approved the latest version of the DDI specification, DDI 3.0, and the specification has now been officially published. The Alliance reviewed the specification and related use cases and implementations during the month of April and then voted to ratify DDI 3.0 officially. A Web page devoted to DDI 3.0 is available for those who are interested in learning more about the specification.

DDI 3.0 Candidate Release Version 3 Now Available

The latest version of the DDI specification, the DDI 3.0 Candidate Release Version 3, is now available. Until publication of DDI 3.0 in April 2008, some new versions of Candidate Release Version 3 may become available. They will be labeled as Candidate Release Version 3 but with different dates. A final version of the Candidate Release is scheduled for April 3, 2008, with official publication of DDI 3.0 scheduled for April 28, 2008

DDI 3.0 Candidate Release Version Now Available

The latest version of the DDI specification, the DDI 3.0 Candidate Release version is now available. This version corrects some bugs discovered in the development of use cases. A final version of the Candidate Release is scheduled for the end of December, with official publication of DDI 3.0 scheduled for first quarter 2008.

Alliance Issues New Publications

The DDI Alliance has recently published a new brochure to be used in promoting the DDI initiative. The trifold brochure is in 8-1/2 by 11 format and a PDF version is available. The brochure is a product of the DDI Usability and Outreach Working Group and is targeted at a general audience to raise awareness of the DDI project. To order print copies for distribution, please contact ddi@ddialliance.org.

The first issue of the DDI newsletter called DDI Directions is also now available for download as a PDF file. The newsletter will be issued quarterly, and suggestions for content can be sent to Mary Vardigan, DDI Alliance Director, at vardigan@umich.edu.

GESIS Workshop on DDI 3.0

GESIS is sponsoring a workshop on "Using DDI 3.0 to Support Preservation, Management, Access, and Dissemination Systems for Social Science Data," to take place in Wadern, Germany, on October 24 - 26, 2007. Course Instructors are Arofan Gregory (Open Data Foundation, Tucson, Arizona, USA); Wendy L. Thomas (Minnesota Population Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA); and Joachim Wackerow (GESIS-ZUMA, Mannheim, Germany).

DDI 3.0 Candidate Release Version Now Available

The latest version of the DDI specification, the DDI 3.0 Candidate Release version is now available, following a vote of the DDI Alliance at its annual meeting, held this year in Montreal, Quebec, on May 19.

The release of the Candidate Version signals the beginning of an Implementation Period not to exceed nine months during which developers can use the Candidate Version for software development. The specification will remain stable during this period, although bugs that are discovered should be reported and will be fixed. The Candidate Release period is tentatively scheduled to end early in 2008. The DDI Alliance requests that current and prospective implementers who are interested in working with the Candidate Version register with the DDI's Technical Implementation Committee (TIC).

DDI Alliance Updates Its Strategic Plan

The DDI Alliance has produced an updated Strategic Plan (PDF 149K) to provide guidance to the Alliance in coming years.