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Jannik Jensen

Tool to import data and DDI metadata from SPSS files with conversion to ASCII and re-export capabilities to SAS, Stata and SPSS. Please note: URL for web site is the direct download link. The DDI-DExT (Data Exchange Tools) is a collaborative project between the UK Data Archive and the Open Data Foundation for the development of data archiving and conversion tools. Supported by the UKDA Data Exchange Tools (DExT) initiative, the project aims at the development of open source utilities for the conversion of quantitative data into a standard archiving format and export to common statistical packages or database systems. The application is based on the DDI specification and supports metadata export to DDI 2.0 and DDI 3.0. This initial product is a proof of concept and focuses on SPSS as the input data format with data export capabilities to ASCII, SAS, Stata, and SPSS. The output of the DDI DExT project has been donated to the DDI Foundation Tools Program.

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Pascal Heus
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Open Data Foundation
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No longer developed, but still available
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This is an Eclipse application so should run across OS but was only tested with Windows.
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The DDI-DExT application is available for download from the project repository on ODaF Forge. Two packages are made available: the main DDI-DExT application and the SPSS Reader. The DDI-DExT main tool is a stand alone Eclipse RCP application that manages "archive" projects that hold a collection of data files. The data can be imported from most SPSS files and are preserved in fixed ASCI format accompanied by DDI 3.0 based metadata to capture the file and variable level information extracted from SPSS. Archived data files can be redistributed to users for various statistical packages (currently SAS, Stata and SPSS). The export wizard attempts as much as possible to take into account the differences or incompatibilities between the software packages (like variable name lengths, string and date formats, etc.). It also has the ability to simultaneously generate multiple output formats for multiple files and save the resulting files in either a folder or a compressed ZIP file. The output can also contain DDI 3.0 and DDI 2.1 XML metadata for the generated files. The underlying SPSS Reader Java package is also made available for developers interested in exporting data and metadata out of SPSS files. The package has the ability to generate data in fixed, delimited and CSV ASCII formats as well as export metadata in DDI 3.0 and DDI 2.1 XML formats. The package has been tested with a wide range of SPSS files produced on different platforms and varying from version 4 to 16. While minor issues remain to be addressed, the library is capable of reading most SPSS data files.
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Java, Eclipse RCP
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