DDI Lifecycle 3.2

Previous Versions: 3.1, 3.0     

Published: 2014-03-12

NOTICE 2014-05-15: The DDI 3.2 schema package was reissued on 2014-05-15 to correct an error in the HTML version of the Field Level Documentation which resulted in a small number of broken links. No change has been made to the contents of the schemas themselves.



DDI-Lifecycle is designed to document and manage data across the entire life cycle, from conceptualization to data publication, analysis and beyond. It encompasses all of the DDI-Codebook specification and extends it. Based on XML Schemas, DDI-Lifecycle is modular and extensible. This version also supports improvements in Classification management (based on GSIM / Neuchatel), non-survey data collection (Measurements), sampling, weighting, questionnaire Design and support for DDI as a Property Graph.


  • Descriptive documentation of the content, meaning, provenance, and access for a single data set
  • Archival preservation of descriptive content
  • In-put basis for more complex descriptions
  • In-put content for discovery and exchange of data at the study, data file, variable, and question level
  • In-put content for a structured human-readable codebook for the data set as a whole
  • Populate variable and question banks to explore available data and question structures for reuse in new surveys

Informational Documentations

Markup Examples 

A listing of available examples of DDI-Lifecycle Version 3.2 instances


DDI Lifecycle 3.2 XML Schema is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.
Other DDI documents are similarly distributed under the same Creative Commons license
The development of DDI Lifecycle 3.2 draws on earlier DDI versions and work of the committees and individuals who developed them as well as the collective ideas, needs, and work of the Expert Committee of the DDI Alliance. Major contributions to DDI Lifecycle 3.2 were made by many individuals and organizations.

Development Work

DDI Lifecycle 3.2 was published on March 12, 2014. This version of the DDI Lifecycle specification builds on DDI Lifecycle 3.1, correcting documented bugs and refining some aspects of the specification.

A change document in the download package identifies all changes, including which changes were backward compatible and the steps to take to move DDI Lifecycle 3.1 instances to DDI Lifecycle 3.2.


Future Work

Development of DDI Lifecycle is managed by the DDI Alliance Technical Committee (TC). The work of the TC can be found at Technical Committee - DDI - Confluence (atlassian.net). Issues related to the development of DDI Lifecycle are managed at DDI: Lifecycle - Issues - JIRA (atlassian.net).

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