simpleType "DDIURNType"
globally in reusable.xsd; see XML source
Simple Content Model
xs:string | xs:string
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The DDI URN is comprised of the self identifying "urn" or "URN" and "ddi" or "DDI" followed by an agency, identifier, and version number. Note that the identifier is composed in different ways for the Canonical and Deprecated URN (all other portions are the same). The identifier in the Canonical URN is composed of the unique identifier which may be scoped to the agency or the maintainable object (urn:ddi:DDIAgencyID:BaseID:Version). In the case of being scoped to the maintainable, the identification is the ID of the Maintainable parent, followed by a dot '.', followed by the ID of the object. The identifier in the Deprecated URN is composed of the following parts separated by ':' a colon: The object type of the Maintainable Object, the ID of the Maintainable Object, and if the object is Versionable or Identifable this is followed by the Object Type and the Object ID.
Type Definition Detail
Type Derivation Tree
union of (CanonicalURNType | DeprecatedURNType)
by union
Member Types
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xs:simpleType name="DDIURNType">
<xs:union memberTypes="CanonicalURNType DeprecatedURNType"/>

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