complexType "VersionableType"
complex, 6 attributes, 11 elements
(cannot be assigned directly to elements used in instance XML documents)
globally in reusable.xsd; see XML source
definitions of 1 attribute, 1 element
at 62 locations
XML Representation Summary
("Add" | "Update" | "Delete")
(xs:string | xs:string)
("Agency" | "Maintainable") : "Agency"
(xs:dateTime | xs:date | xs:gYearMonth | xs:gYear | xs:duration)
Content Model Elements (11):
Agency, BasedOnObject, ID, MaintainableObject, URN, UserAttributePair, UserID, Version, VersionRationale, VersionResponsibility, VersionResponsibilityReference
Known Direct Subtypes (61):
BaseRecordLayoutType, CategoryGroupType, CategoryType, CodeListGroupType, ConceptGroupType, ConceptType, ConceptualVariableGroupType, ConceptualVariableType, ControlConstructGroupType, ControlConstructType, DataRelationshipType, GeneralInstructionType, GenerationInstructionType, GenericMapType, GeographicLocationGroupType, GeographicLocationType, GeographicStructureGroupType, GeographicStructureType, IndividualType, InstructionGroupType, InstructionType, InstrumentGroupType, InstrumentType, ManagedDateTimeRepresentationType, ManagedMissingValuesRepresentationType, ManagedNumericRepresentationType, ManagedRepresentationGroupType, ManagedScaleRepresentationType, ManagedTextRepresentationType, MethodologyType, NCubeGroupType, NCubeInstanceType, NCubeInstanceType, NCubeInstanceType, NCubeType, OrganizationGroupType, OrganizationType, PhysicalStructureGroupType, PhysicalStructureType, ProcessingEventGroupType, ProcessingEventType, ProcessingInstructionGroupType, QualityStatementGroupType, QualityStatementType, QuestionBlockType, QuestionGridType, QuestionGroupType, QuestionItemType, RecordLayoutGroupType, RelationType, RepresentationMapType, RepresentedVariableGroupType, RepresentedVariableType, SubGroupType, SubUniverseClassType, UniverseGroupType, UniverseType, VariableGroupType, VariableStatisticsType, VariableType, WeightingType
Known Indirect Subtypes (14):
ComputationItemType, DataSetType, IfThenElseType, LoopType, QuestionConstructType, RecordLayoutType, RecordLayoutType, RecordLayoutType, RecordLayoutType, RecordLayoutType, RepeatUntilType, RepeatWhileType, SequenceType, StatementItemType
All Direct / Indirect Based Elements (80):
BaseRecordLayout, Category, CategoryGroup, CategoryMap, CodeListGroup, ComputationItem, Concept, ConceptGroup, ConceptMap, ConceptualVariable, ConceptualVariableGroup, ControlConstruct, ControlConstructGroup, DataRelationship, DataSet, GeneralInstruction, GenerationInstruction, GeographicLocation, GeographicLocationGroup, GeographicStructure, GeographicStructureGroup, IfThenElse, Individual, Instruction, InstructionGroup, Instrument, InstrumentGroup, Loop, ManagedDateTimeRepresentation, ManagedMissingValuesRepresentation, ManagedNumericRepresentation, ManagedRepresentation, ManagedRepresentationGroup, ManagedScaleRepresentation, ManagedTextRepresentation, Methodology, NCube, NCubeGroup, NCubeInstance, NCubeInstance, NCubeInstance, Organization, OrganizationGroup, PhysicalStructure, PhysicalStructureGroup, ProcessingEvent, ProcessingEventGroup, ProcessingInstructionGroup, QualityStatement, QualityStatementGroup, QuestionBlock, QuestionConstruct, QuestionGrid, QuestionGroup, QuestionItem, QuestionMap, RecordLayout, RecordLayout, RecordLayout, RecordLayout, RecordLayout, RecordLayoutGroup, Relation, RepeatUntil, RepeatWhile, RepresentationMap, RepresentedVariable, RepresentedVariableGroup, Sequence, StatementItem, SubGroup, SubUniverseClass, Universe, UniverseGroup, UniverseMap, Variable, VariableGroup, VariableMap, VariableStatistics, Weighting
Known Usage Locations
Adds the attribute identifying this as a versionable object as well as the MaintainableObject. All versionable objects should provide their contextual information, the identity of their maintainable parent. The deprecated form of the URN contains all the information to identify and object and its context. A Canonical URN scoped to the Maintainable contains the ID of the Maintainable as part of its structure. To provide full contextual information use the MaintainableObject structure. The use of the Canonical URN scoped to the agency or the identification sequence alone requires the content of the MaintainableObject to provide full contextual information. All content of Versionable is considered to be administrative metadata. Note that changes to the administrative metadata does not drive a change in the version of the parent objects. See DDI 3.2 Technical Documentation: Part I for further details.
Type Definition Detail
Type Derivation Tree
AbstractIdentifiableType (extension)
  AbstractVersionableType (extension)
XML Source (w/o annotations (3); see within schema source)
<xs:complexType abstract="true" name="VersionableType">
<xs:extension base="AbstractVersionableType">
<xs:element minOccurs="0" ref="MaintainableObject"/>
<xs:attribute fixed="true" name="isVersionable" type="xs:boolean"/>
Attribute Detail (all declarations; defined within this component only; 1/6)
xs:boolean, predefined
This is a fixed flag informing the system or user that this element is versionable and may be versioned over time as well as referenced.
Attribute Value
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xs:attribute fixed="true" name="isVersionable" type="xs:boolean"/>
Content Element Detail (all declarations; defined within this component only; 1/11)
MaintainableObjectType, complex content
This section provides information on the Maintainable Parent of this object at its point of origination. This content will not change over time unless the version of the object changes. Note that if the ID, Agency, Version sequence is used, and the scope of uniqueness of the referenced object is the Maintainable, then the ID of the Maintainable is needed to create the structured ID portion of the canonical URN. If the system uses the deprecated URN, both the Maintainable ID and TypeOfMaintainableObject are required to create the deprecated URN structure.
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xs:element minOccurs="0" ref="MaintainableObject"/>

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