element <Archive> (global)
complex, 9 attributes, 21 elements
globally in archive.xsd; see XML source
XML Representation Summary
("Add" | "Update" | "Delete")
(xs:string | xs:string)
("Agency" | "Maintainable") : "Agency"
(xs:dateTime | xs:date | xs:gYearMonth | xs:gYear | xs:duration)
xs:boolean : "false"
Content model elements (21):
ArchiveModuleName, ArchiveSpecific, OrganizationScheme, r:Agency, r:BasedOnObject, r:Description, r:ID, r:Label, r:LifecycleInformation, r:MetadataQuality, r:Note, r:OrganizationSchemeReference, r:OtherMaterial, r:Software, r:URN, r:UserAttributePair, r:UserID, r:Version, r:VersionRationale, r:VersionResponsibility, r:VersionResponsibilityReference
Included in content model of elements (9):
Fragment, Group, LocalGroupContent, LocalResourcePackageContent, LocalStudyUnitContent, ResourcePackage, ResourcePackageArchive, StudyUnit, SubGroup
Known Usage Locations
A maintainable module containing information related to the archiving (longer term access and/or preservation) of the data and metadata. Note that in DDI Archive refers to a set of processes rather than a location. Archive contents are split into archive specific information (information that is related to the organization or individual performing archival activities) and information that reflects the processes that the metadata or data have undergone which should be maintained along with other content if the metadata changes locations. Two key pieces of information held within the Archive are the Organization Scheme (containing records of Organizations, Individuals, and the Relationships between them) and the Lifecycle. The Lifecycle can be used to document any significant event in the life of the data and metadata. It is a series of Lifecycle Events which note the date of the event, what took place, and who was involved.
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xs:element name="Archive" type="ArchiveType"/>

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