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Imports: ddi:physicaldataproduct_ncube_tabular:3_0 (physicaldataproduct_ncube_tabular.xsd)
Imports: ddi:physicalinstance:3_0 (physicalinstance.xsd)
Imports: ddi:reusable:3_0 (reusable.xsd)
Imports: ddi:studyunit:3_0 (studyunit.xsd)

Global Elements

DDIInstance (DDIInstanceType):

TranslationInformation (TranslationType): TranslationInformation contains information about the translation of the content of the DDI Instance. This includes human-readable information about which language(s) are involved in translation.

Complex Types

DDIInstanceType: DDIInstance is the top-level wrapper for any DDI document. It may contain a set of top-level elements, which generally correspond to the modular breakdown within DDI. (Note that some modules are sub-components of other, higher-level modules). Every DDI Instance will use this wrapper, regardless of its contents.

TranslationType: Describes the translation process of data and metadata.

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