Imports: ddi:reusable:3_0 (reusable.xsd)
Imports: ddi:physicaldataproduct:3_0 (physicaldataproduct.xsd)

Global Elements

DataSet (DataSetType): [substitution: p:BaseRecordLayout]

RecordSet (RecordSetType):

VariableOrder (VariableOrderType):

Record (RecordType):

Name (r:InternationalStringType):

IdentifyingVariableReference (r:ReferenceType): Identifies the variable which holds the primary key or index values.

DefaultVariableSchemeReference (r:ReferenceType): Identifies the variable scheme from which identifying values may be inherited by the items contained in the data set. This allows for only the ID values to be specified at the item level, to avoid needless repetition.

ItemSet (ItemSetType):

ItemValue (ItemValueType): Identifies the data set.

VariableReference (r:ReferenceType): References the variable associated with the value given.

VariableSet (VariableSetType):

VariableItem (VariableItemType):

Complex Types


RecordSetType: Storage for the traditional rectangular form of data.

VariableOrderType: Holds the sequence of variable references in storage order.

RecordType: Holds the sequence of record values in storage order, as described by VariableOrder.

ItemSetType: Storage form for random item value order.


VariableSetType: Storage form for capturing all values of each variable together

VariableItemType: The set of values associated with a single variable (values included in a column in rectangular data sets).

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