Training Materials

This list of training materials will continue to grow. Topics will cover DDI as well as XML, UML, and other standards and models related to DDI.

Introduction to DDI

Knowing what DDI is and understanding how it works and how to use it can be quite daunting—especially if you are not a programmer or coder. DDI can be quite a powerful metadata schema for the social sciences, but understanding the basics of it is a prerequisite to learning how to use it. This presentation, given as a workshop at the North American DDI user conference April 2019 in Ottawa, Canada, will tell you about the background of DDI, the different tools used to interpret it and how it is integrated into a data lifecycle workflow. There will be exercises to help you understand the different facets of DDI, thus allowing you to see its potential and power. This is not a technical presentation; it is intended for those with no background in DDI. However, if you want a refresher in the whys and wherefores of it, then this presentation is also for you. 

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<odesi> Best Practices Document, Version 3.1

Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure (<odesi>) was a jointly funded project between the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) and OntarioBuys. It provides researchers with access to datasets in a web-based data extraction system delivered through Scholars Portal ( Primarily, <odesi> contains survey microdata. It also includes other data, such as aggregate data.

The goal of this document is to share our mark-up knowledge with other academic institutions. It is also to include the best practices for DDI so there will be consistency in marking up the surveys. 

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Why Metadata Is Awesome

This training module, developed by Jon Johnson, features the following sections:

  • A short digression on metadata
  • Questionnaire inputs and outputs
  • Metadata standards
  • Implementing processes in a complex environment
  • CLOSER Search Platform Development
  • The integration of metadata and data management
  • New research possibilities
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Discover the Power of DDI Metadata

This training module, developed by Jane Fry, features the following sections:

  • Introductions
  • Brief background of DDI
  • Exercise 1
  • Getting started
  • Examples
  • Integration into a data lifecycle workflow
  • Exercise 2
  • Wrap-up
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DDI Basics

This training module, developed by Wendy Thomas and Marcel Hebing, features the following sections:

  • Learn DDI-L in 60 Seconds...Plus
  • Identification and Versioning
  • Agents: Organizations and Individuals
  • DDI XML Schemas and Main Structures
  • DDI and Data Comparison
  • Introduction to DDI XML and Metadata
  • DDI Profiles
  • DDI and Other Standards
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XML Schema Tutorial

This W3Schools tutorial will teach you about XML schemas, how to create and use them in your applications.

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UML Tutorial

A short guide to Universal Moduling Language using the SDMX information model

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