DDI 3.0 Proof of Concept

Use Cases and Implementations
Based on the DDI 3.0 Final Specification (04-01-2008)

An excel spreadsheet illustrating the use cases and implementations and their relationships to DDI 3.0 features may be downloaded.

* Some of the downloadable files are XML files that are invalid because they contain comments on how the markup should be structured. For those files, simply right-click on the link and save the file to your desktop, rather than attempting to display it within your Web browser.

Name Overview Primary Features URL/Status Contact(s)
Use Cases
CESSDA Metadata Markup (Word 62K) List of recommended elements in DDI 3.0 presented in the form of an xml template ready to use for creating markup. 2.0 compatibility download  
CESSDA Metadata Profile (Word 63K) Use of the new DDI 3 Profile mechanism to indicate recommended elements for CESSDA Metadata. Profile download  
DDI 3.0 Core Markup (Word 62K) List of recommended elements in DDI 3.0 presented in the form of an xml template ready to use for creating markup. 2.0 compatibility download Sanda Ionescu
DDI Core Profile (Word 63K) Use of the new DDI 3 Profile mechanism to indicate recommended elements for DDI 3.0 Core. Profile download Sanda Ionescu
Geographic Coverage for NHGIS (Word 42K) The Geographic Coverage statement for NHGIS (U.S. Aggregate Census data from 1860 to 2000) geographies Geography / External referencing / Geographic time / Resource package download (zip 56K) Wendy Thomas
Geographic Response Domain (Word 42K) Project with geographers at University of Minnesota and University of North Carolina for specific cases to test out the Geographic Response Domain for questions collecting data for data points. Geography download (zip 2K) Wendy Thomas
ICPSR Metadata Record Example (Word 61K) Mark-up for a sample ICPSR metadata record in DDI 3.0: American National Election Study, 2004: Pre- and Post-Election Survey (ICPSR 4245). Archive and organization / 2.0 compatibility / Geography download Sanda Ionescu
ICPSR Metadata Profile (Word 63K) DDI 3 template with recommended elements for marking up ICPSR Metadata Records. Study-level documentation download* Matthew Richardson
Integration with Blaise CAI Software (Word 64K) DDI integration in the Blaise software. Question bank / Survey instrument See use case description for access information Tom Piazza; Lon Hofman
Integration with CSPro CAI Software (Word 73K) Integration of DDI export in the CSPro software Archive and organization / Standard variables / Multiple physical instances/ Survey instrument A DDI converter was integrated into the CSExport tool in the standard CSPro release package. For information and download, visit: https://www.census.gov/data/software/cspro.html Pascal Heus
International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO 88 (Word 81K) Creation of an external reference for standard codes for occupations. Standard variables / Versioning / Resource package / External referencing / Multilingual download (zip 62K) Joachim Wackerow
Interview to Internet Project (Word 81K) Project to create a shared data model for two units at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. The database content will flow from Blaise CAI instruments and be exportable as DDI 3 XML. DDI can also be imported into the database. Survey instrument / Question and variable bank This diagram (zip 116K) shows the functionality of the project. Nicole Kirgis
Sanda Ionescu
Life Cycle Example (Word 67K) Documentation of survey life cycle information for ICPSR study no. 5809, "American Foreign Policy Officials Study, 1966". Processing notes are available. Archive and organization / Life cycle events / Versioning / Data processing download (zip 49K) Sanda Ionescu
NCubes DDI 2 to 3 Translation (Word 68K) Example of a file that allows for hierarchical coding structures and use of various levels of the structures by variables. NCubes with associated suppression flags (table, dimension, and/or cell level suppression) are included. NCubes backward compatibility / External referencing / Standard variables / Conceptual components / Universe statement / Archiving and Organization / NCube storage types / Multiple physical instances download (zip 5K) Wendy Thomas
Simple Questionnaire Example (Word 94K) Markup in DDI 3 showing flow logic of a survey instrument. Survey instrument / Universe statement download (zip 3K) Wendy Thomas
SOEP Panel Study (Word 72K) Markup of SOEP panel study to show metadata reuse. Grouping / Comparison by design / Versioning / Complex files / Resource package download (zip 100K) Joachim Wackerow
Spatial Coverage Example (Word 92K) Illustration of Minnesota Population Center NHGIS geographic coverage including the use of the bounding box feature. Geography download Wendy Thomas
Survey of Three Generations of Mexican Americans, 1981-1982 (ICPSR 9413) Codebook (Word 66K) Markup of a subset of a codebook in DDI 3. Archive and organization / Conceptual components / Universe statement download Sanda Ionescu
U.S. Census 2000 Mapping (Word 43K) 2000 U.S. Census form and IPUMS mapping. Grouping / Comparison after the fact / Complex files / Survey instrument coming soon Wendy Thomas
Veto Points Markup Example (Word 70K) Markup in DDI 3 showing study documentation. Survey instrument / Geography / 2.0 compatibility coming soon Wendy Thomas
DDI Foundation tools Project (Word 77K) Library of open-source tools on which DDI 3 implementations may be built. External referencing / Grouping / Versioning http://tools.ddialliance.org/
Pascal Heus
DExT Project Tools for Format Conversion and Preservation (Word 71K) DDI 3.0-based tools to facilitate preservation of data and conversion to various statistical packages file formats. Archive and organization / Standard variables (variables, codes, categories) / Multiple physical instances (primarily ASCII) / Data processing / Microdata payload / Versioning Import functionalities and an export script generator are integrated. Java package to read SPSS data files and export DDI 3.0_CR2 metadata has been beta released. URL:
Pascal Heus
DeXtris Conversion Tool (Word 74K) Tool to convert DDI 2 to DDI 3. 2.0 compatibility http://www.opendatafoundation.org/
Pascal Heus
ICPSR Editor Tool (Word 69K) Tool to create basic markup in DDI 3. 2.0 compatibility ICPSR Editor Tool (zip 661K)
Sanda Ionescu, Aalap Doshi
SAS Exporter Tool (Word 75K) Tool to convert SAS input to DDI 3 output. 2.0 compatibility / Data processing   Joachim Wackerow
SPSS Exporter Tool (Word 75K) Tool to convert SPSS input to DDI 3 output. 2.0 compatibility / Data processing http://db.zuma-mannheim.de/DDI/
Joachim Wackerow
Stylesheet to display DDI 3.0 Variables (Word 64K) Renders XML to present concept groups, concepts, questions, variables, categories, and frequencies 2.0 compatibility /Multilingual URL for stylesheet:
URL for display:
http://www.ddialliance.org/sites/default/ files/ddi3/9413_CR3_2_FULLVariables.xml
Matthew Richardson
Survey Visualization Tool (Word 48K) Automatic generation of DDI instrument documentation from CASES, Blaise, and CSPro source files.
Based on the DDI data model, the software provides:
- Automatic visualizations of survey flowcharts
- Automatic codebook generation
- Export of flowcharts and codebooks to various publishable formats
- Data overlays on top of the instrument visualizations
Question bank / Survey instrument / External referencing http://www.colectica.com/resources Jeremy Iverson