DDI 3.0 Examples

DDI version Title Description
3.0 Simple questionnaire Use of Question Item Type, Response Domain, and Instrument Control Construct (including entry of PreText and IfThenElse)
3.0 NCube Example showing the use of the NCube Logical Product structure, NCube Physical Data Structure, and Physical Instance
3.0 International Standard Classification (ISCO)
3.0 ICPSR metadata record Sample online catalog record using the American National Election Study, 2004
3.0 German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) Example showing the grouping approach for comparable variables, description of derived variables as well as the relationship of waves and the household / person relationship
3.0 Geography Use of Spatial Coverage Type
3.0 Survey of Three Generations of Mexican Americans, 1981-1982 Codebook Sample variables