DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary (Disco)

Disco defines an RDF Schema vocabulary that enables discovery of research and survey data on the Web. It is based on DDI XML formats of DDI Codebook and DDI Lifecycle.

This specification is designed to support the discovery of microdata sets and related metadata using RDF technologies in the Web of Linked Data. The vocabulary leverages the DDI specification to create a simplified version of this model for the discovery of data files. It is based on a subset of the DDI XML formats of DDI Codebook and DDI Lifecycle. It supports identifying programmatically the relevant datasets for a specific research purpose. Existing DDI XML instances can be transformed into this RDF format and therefore exposed in the Web of Linked Data. The reverse process is not intended, as the developers of the RDF discovery vocabulary have defined DDI-RDF components and reused components of other RDF vocabularies which make sense only in the Linked Data field.


Development resources

Related publications

Usage cases

  • Johanna Vompras, Arofan Gregory, Thomas Bosch, and Joachim Wackerow. Scenarios for the DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary. DDI Working Paper Series (forthcoming). Draft.


  • DISCO – Open-source reference implementation in Java.
  • MISSY – Open-source implementation of a project-specific data model extending Disco.


The DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.